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Written by:玛丽亚·埃斯特拉五世. Sanchez

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5th mg4155电子游戏高中
2022年5月29 - 31日

The 5th mg4155电子游戏高中 毕业典礼 has officially concluded for the School Year 2021- 2022.

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The graduation rites started with the Sablay Donning Ceremony. The candidates for graduation with their parents lined up at designated places in the direction of the Philippine Flag, 大学的颜色, 穿着仪式用的狼牙棒. Faculty Marshals facilitate the assembly of faculty and department coordinators at the designated donning area. Coordinators assist in lining up parents at their designated places for the Sablay donning ceremony. 总统, 副总裁基本教育, Principal, 校长助理, 以及大学教务长, standing on the lanes at the entrance gates of the XASC for the Sablay Donning Ceremony. The Overall Committee Chair signals for the ceremony to begin.

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在穿戴仪式之后, the candidates get ready for the processional to the mg4155电子游戏首页体育中心, 在他们的父母, guests, faculty, 工作人员在等待毕业典礼.

The Assistant Principal declared the opening of the mg4155电子游戏SHS 毕业典礼 for 学者, Ms. Sofia G. Tagud.


After opening the 毕业典礼, the invocation followed was given by 雷蒙德·本笃Q. Hizon of the Society of Jesus, 高中 chaplain. The Singing of the National Anthem and the 大学的赞美诗 by Mr. Ramoel W. Mondelo,体育学术主席.

Dr. Rogelio L. Gawahan, 高中 Principal, presents the Candidates for graduation to Rev. Fr. Mars P. 谭SJ,大学校长.

The mg4155电子游戏SHS is delighted to inform the mg4155电子游戏 Community that Rev. Fr. Mars P. Tan, SJ, 大学校长, has conferred the following graduates per Strand during the Two (2) day 毕业典礼. 


By the authority vested upon him as 大学校长 by the Department of Education of the Republic of the Philippines, he declared the mg4155电子游戏高中 GRADUATES. On which they will receive their senior high school graduation certificates and other benefits relating to it.

毕业证书的颁发是在 Ms. Sofia Tagud presiding. 反过来,她指导STEM Strand Head, Mr. 杰弗里·Tumampos to give out the names of the graduates (First Day of the Commencement, May 30, 2022), 和TVL Strand Head, Ms. Oliva E. Lim, Humanities and Social Sciences, and General Academic Strands, Ms. 马里尔E Acerdano会计、商业和管理学系, Mr. 雷迈克尔年代. Homeres (2nd 2022年5月31日.

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The awarding of medals for the Academic Honors and Non-Academic Awards was given by 谭战平牧师, SJ大学校长,以及 Dr. 甜酒R大, Vice President for Basic Education, for the Non-Academic Awards.


Ms. 索非亚G Tagud, Assistant Principal for 学者, reads the names of the awardees for the academic awards, and Ms. Emilou C. Aron, Assistant Principal for Formation, reads the names of the awardees for the non-academic awards.

The program also highlights an intermission number from the graduates with their graduation song; I lived 由OneRepublic和校友承诺.

Dr. Rogelio L. Gawahan addresses the Epsilon Batch with his pabaon or parting message.  它围绕着K-12课程出口:

You are ready to transition to a new environment as you take up any of the curriculum exits of the K-12: Trabaho, Negosyo, at Kolehiyo because we believe that we have formed you - job-ready, business-ready, and college-ready. 

He also mentioned the promise of mg4155电子游戏首页 to provide our graduates with a Jesuit brand of education.

两年的 # ExperienceExcellence mg4155电子游戏首页 as our mantra and compass while we comply with the most essential learning competencies maintaining both DepEd requirements and the Ignatian flavor of SHS education, away from the physical environment of our university.


mg4155电子游戏同样有能力, committed, 有责任心的, 将其人化的, and culturally integrated faculty and formators to accomplish your Written Works, 季度评估, 性能任务, and active participation in the formation activities with more love, 要用心去做,不仅仅是为了你们自己, 家人和朋友, 但对神.

After the Principals’ message, the graduates sing The On Crusaders for the last time. Then, the conclusion of the three-day convocation and commencement exercises.

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Our ardent hope is that our graduates will continue to persevere to be academically competent, 全面发展的, 自律, loving, 和基督教一样虔诚. In addition, mg4155电子游戏首页 wishes they are culturally integrated, 致力于伸张正义, and open to growth to become men and women of competence, conscience, and commitment as we wish them well on their next journey.